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Learn How Conversational Marketing is Like Smelling Salt to Comatose Ad Campaigns

By Arvell Craig | September 2, 2020

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Do you ever feel like your ads are being ignored?

Your offers are being ghosted like a Tinder date gone bad? 

Or is your content shunned like MAGA at a BLM rally and but you don't know why? 

Pay special attention as I share a simple way to boost conversions and set yourself up for success!

No, it's not magic, nor is it a secret. Just a different way of approaching things...
Businesses and marketers have a catch-22 situation threatening your success: ad platforms are more intelligent, more sophisticated, powerful and automated, but people are more and more sick of seeing what you're showing.

Study after study shows that internet users are blind to ads on all platforms, including websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s not that they want to block all ads. They just want the right, useful and targeted ads.
Intrusive Ads are Crushing Your Brand Reputation
A thorough study conducted by HubSpot suggests over 80% of internet users believe that ads have become more intrusive and abundant than they were a few years ago. 

The result is millions of people installing ad blockers, causing marketing and advertising industry revenues to plummet. 
High Ad Frequency with Little to No Creativity Make You a Sore, a Bore, and Your Prospects Snore!
High ad frequency kills campaigns, wastes ad spend, tarnishes relationships with customers.

What’s high ad frequency? 

When you are showing an ad to a user repeatedly several times, you are increasing your ad frequency, and it’s extremely bad for your business.

Let me explain how.
What is Ad Fatigue and What Are its Effects?
When you run retargeting ads without recipes, they suffer something marketers call “ad fatigue.”

And honestly, everyone who’s using internet platforms has had experience ad fatigue.

Interestingly, an average internet user now has more control than you can imagine.

If you have a higher ad frequency, users will not only block your ads via ad blockers, report your ads along with unsubscribing/unfollowing your brand or page, but your core business metrics will suffer enormously.

Look at this chart.
Here’s the crux of this graphic: on Facebook, increasing ad frequency will increase your CPC (cost per click) and crush your CTR (click through rate).

The reason is simple: 

If a user sees your ad again and again, your brand/business reputation takes a hit. Your audience will not open your irrelevant ads, and your marketing budget will be wasted.
How Can "Conversational Marketing" Reverse the Curse of Ad Fatigue?
As humans we have evolved to have conversations.

Even though we are now buying and selling over the internet, users still prefer the age-old way of having one-on-one conversations before making a buying decision.

Over 69% consumers say they prefer the ability to instantly message a business over chat and ask their questions instead of email and phone.

Nearly 79% of internet users in a study said they get their questions answered immediately when they are interacting with a chatbot.

Bringing Campaigns Back to Life With Chatbots
Imagine this scenario...

You launch a massive advertising campaign to sell your shoes online for the holiday season.

Your shoes are specifically designed for men aged between 25 to 30.

You create the best ad design, solid copy and pay a fortune to launch your campaigns over Facebook, your website, and all other outlets.

But there’s one problem: the algorithms and audience settings are not showing your ad to the exact demographic.

Still, you pour out money because your agency says they need 90 days of data... 

They said you need to "warm" the audience first...

But as it turns out, you're really just bombarding your visitors with ad fatigue and gaining a bad reputation.

Thousands of precious dollars are going straight to the drain.
Use Chatbots Like a Personal Concierge to Take Over the Buyer's Journey When Ads Come to an End
Instead, consider another scenario where you have a chatbot deployed for your website and social media pages.

When you design your ads, you build a larger variety of creative with greater selection of audiences. 

Your copy is a bit more open ended. Intriguing and curiosity driven. 

Then, when a user hits your website, they are greeted with a chatbot that serves their personal concierge. 

The bot dynamically discovers the exact demographics and directs the user to the best shoe for their needs.

You see, chatbots have this unique ability to profile thousands of users and target them with customized copy and when they return or take any action on your website or social media pages.

Let’s see all of this in action by taking a look at some examples.
Example 1
When deployed in Facebook, your chatbot not only engages with users real-time, but like email, can drip content and continue conversations for days. 
Example 2
CNN targeting their Facebook users according to their choices.
Example 3
Chatbots can log, track and trace important data points which you can use for retargeting.
Example 4
Famous brand H&M using “guided selling” method with the help of chatbots.
How do you build an optimized chatbot that actually helps people and not annoy them?
Basic chatbots are easy to make. 

Point. Click. Drag. Drop.

But what type of results are you likely to get? 

a) Frustration?
b) Crickets? 
c) Or bucks of cash?

Yes, there's a WIDE GAP between a, b and c. 

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